Blue Diamond Transmission Fluid G56 6-Speed Manual Severe Duty

Blue Diamond Transmission Fluid G56 6-Speed Manual Severe Duty

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BLUE DIAMOND G56 was formulated specifically for G56 6-Speed Manual Transmissions to help with the notorious rough shifting and excessive rollover noise they experience, especially when owners upgrade from stock.


HELPS REDUCE EXTREME HEAT Hot Shot’s Secret BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY TRANSMISSION FLUID’s improved thermal stability protects against varnish and sludge deposits to keep the transmission running clean.

IMPROVES OXIDATION STABILITY Hot Shot’s Secret BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY TRANSMISSION FLUID protects against fluid breakdown that is common with severe duty applications, such as heavy towing and challenging terrain.

REDUCES NOISE AND VIBRATION Hot Shot’s Secret BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY TRANSMISSION FLUID increases film strength and boundary layer protection with our patented FR3 Nano Technology.

PROTECTS AGAINST WEAR Hot Shot’s Secret BLUE DIAMOND SEVERE DUTY TRANSMISSION FLUID was formulated with a high level of our extreme pressure additive package for the superior protection that is needed in severe duty applications. It helps clutches, bearings and bushings last longer and perform better.

Additional Information

Hot Shot’s Secret Blue Diamond G56 transmission fluid resolves many of the issues that have plagued the G56 6-speed manual transmission, such as rough shifting, excessive rollover noise and vibration and high operating temperatures. The G56 manual transmission is commonly found in 2005-2018 Dodge Ram trucks and various Mercedes-Benz vehicles. While Mopar® ATF+4 fluid is commonly used as the transmission fluid for these vehicles, it was not specifically developed for the G56 transmission.

Hot Shot’s Secret’s new formula was developed specifically for the G56 transmission and is based on 100% poly-a-olefin (PAO) Group IV and high-quality Group V synthetic oils and is infused with FR3 Nano Technology, an extreme pressure additive package and special friction modifiers. This allows for improved shifting, lower operating temperatures and improved wear protection. Blue Diamond G56 also provides increased oxidation resistance, thermal stability and protects against deposit and sludge build-up more than competitors.

Hot Shot’s Secret R&D Technical Director, Aaron Darnell says, “We were approached by a few customers at the races that had complaints of noise and difficulty in shifting with their G56 manual transmissions. The issues seem to intensify with an aftermarket flywheel, clutch and increased power. We knew we could develop a high-quality fluid that would solve these customers’ G56 issues, we just needed to nail down the formula. We formulated a few different versions and sent them out for 3rd party lab testing. Once we determined which formula performed best in the lab in terms of wear protection, oxidation resistance, etc. we were ready to move to real-world testing.”

“Since it is hard to test noise and shifting issues in the lab, we needed real-world testing. We reached out to a driver who had asked a question about using our FR3 Friction Reducer in his G56 transmission on our website, since he was experiencing hotter transmission temperatures and noise, and he agreed to test the new lab formula on his Dodge Ram truck. He reported a reduction in temperature by 20°F-25°F, quieter operation, and smoother shifts and synchro engagement with the fluid swap. We then ran multiple real-world tests with people who opted in to trying our new formula. With good feedback, we settled on the formula and began preparation to bring it to market.”