9 Oz. Spray & Stay Grease

9 Oz. Spray & Stay Grease

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Hot Shot’s Secret SPRAY & STAY GREASE is an aerosolized synthetic grease for use in day-to-day applications that sprays on thick and will not run or drip. This anti-corrosion grease provides long-lasting lubrication and protection for moving machinery, parts and surfaces. The synthetic grease spray is formulated with anti-rust components to protect against moisture, corrosion, rust and other types of distress and wear. It is resistant to water washout and will not dry out, gum on equipment, separate or bleed.

General Uses

For general use, including but not limited to home, automotive, industrial, marine and other mechanical applications. Safe for use on metal, paint, rubber and plastic. Applications include:

  • Garage doors
  • Bearings
  • Engine assembly
  • Door hinges & locks
  • Garden & shop tools
  • Cables
  • Sliding doors
  • Gears
  • Winches