32 Oz. 10W-30 Generator Oil (Full Synthetic Gasoline)

32 Oz. 10W-30 Generator Oil (Full Synthetic Gasoline)

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HOT SHOT’S SECRET FAMILY OF GENERATOR OILS are premium full synthetic Group III engine oils engineered to provide exceptional protection and performance for RV Generators. Generators typically run at higher operating temperatures, are under constant load for extended periods of time, and can be exposed to severe elements. These conditions put severe strain on generator engine oils and that is why the oil you use must be fully formulated to combat the common issues that plague small engines. HOT SHOT’S SECRET GENERATOR OIL is specifically formulated to reduce engine wear by using our patented FR3 Nano Technology, protecting down to the nano level. Its friction reducing and shear-resistant properties allows for maximum protection during extended run times and maintenance intervals.

  • Reduces Wear up to 47% More than the Leading Competitor
  • Improves Cold Weather Starting compared to Conventional Oils
  • Improves Run Time up to 3%
  • Lowers Oil Consumption
  • Less Wear
  • Improves Power
  • Increases Film Strength
  • Improved Oxidation Stability
  • Widens Operating Temperature Range
  • Anti-Rust Protection
  • Reduces Shearing
  • Reduces Friction
  • Reduces Deposit Formation
  • Reduces Noise and Vibration
  • Extends Oil Change Interval
  • Extends Engine Life
Applications and Uses

10W-30 RV Generator Oil is recommended for all RV gasoline generators.

RV Generator Oil is formulated for extreme cold temperature as well as extreme high temperature service and its 10W viscosity at low temperatures allows it to replace conventional SAE 30 and 10W-30 oils in RV gasoline generators.

OEM Performance

  • Onan QG 2800i
  • Onan QG 4000
  • Onan QG 5500
  • Onan QG 5500 EFI
  • Onan QG 7000
  • Onan QG 7000 EFI