16 Oz. Premium RV Diesel Additive Power Booster and Stabilizer

16 Oz. Premium RV Diesel Additive Power Booster and Stabilizer

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Recreational vehicles are designed and built with a specific purpose in mind. The additives you use in your RV should be the same way. That is why Hot Shot’s Secret engineered the first line of products specifically for RVs. Hot Shot’s Secret’s RV line of products are fully formulated, high quality products created to solve specific RV related problems, improve performance, fuel economy and reliability. When hitting the open road, you should not have to worry about your RV’s performance and whether you’ll hit mechanical “roadblocks” while traveling. Be confident your RV will perform as promised when using Hot Shot’s Secret RV products.


RV PREMIUM DIESEL ADDITIVE is a multi-functional diesel fuel additive that greatly upgrades power, performance, fuel economy and fuel stabilization for all diesel RVs.

RV PREMIUM DIESEL ADDITIVE boosts diesel’s cetane rating, creating more power and better fuel economy. It also provides excellent fuel lubrication to promote greater reliability and longevity.

RV PREMIUM DIESEL ADDITIVE prevents gum and varnish from forming inside the fuel system, including fuel injectors, while also improving fuel stability allowing for long term storage.

The Science

Changes to the industry have brought about a unique set of problems for diesel owners. Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) along with High Pressure Common Rail Injectors are the main culprits. Sulfur was a very good lubricant. The removal of sulfur causes all the moving parts in your fuel system to suffer. Waxy soap deposits that were soluble in higher sulfur content fuels are now being formed and are difficult to filter.
 Fuel Systems incorporating High Pressure Common Rail Injectors operate at higher pressures which create high heat. This heat chemically changes the hydrocarbons in the fuel to longer chain hydrocarbons called asphaltenes, which can block fuel filters. The tolerances for the Common Rail injectors are very tight, sometimes around 1-3 microns. Even small deposits can cause an injector to stick.
Several sources of sodium and calcium contamination occur from residual refinery salts, storage tanks, ship ballasts and biodiesel catalysts, to name a few. Dodecenyl succinic acid (DDS) and hexadecenyl succinic acid (HDS) are commonly found in certain pipeline corrosion inhibitors, refineries and aftermarket additive packages. When the contamination from the sodium or calcium reacts with the DDS or HDS, carboxylic salts are formed. These carboxylic salts have very low solubility in ULSD and are very difficult to filter. The smaller molecules end up depositing on the internals of your fuel injectors causing what are known as Internal Diesel Injector Deposits (IDIDs).
Hot Shot’s Secret RV Premium Diesel was formulated to take care of the headaches of these complex systems. RV Premium Diesel is fully formulated with an injector cleaner, cetane improver, sulfur free lubricity agent, water demulsifier, rust and corrosion inhibitor and fuel stabilizer. RV Premium Diesel’s injector cleaner specifically cleans IDID’s as well as the original carbon coking External Diesel Injector Deposits (EDID’s) and waxy soap deposits. RV Premium Diesel’s injector cleaner will clean all parts of your fuel system, including upper cylinders, fuel tank, fuel pumps and lines. The injector cleaner is also responsible for bringing asphaltenes and glycerides back into solution and preventing further asphaltenes and glycerides from forming.
With your diesel fuel void of carboxylic salts, waxy deposits, asphaltenes and glycerides in suspension, the problems with filter plugging and injector deposits are solved. DDS and HDS acids are neutralized by the injector cleaner to keep more carboxylic salts from forming. Independent testing has shown that power loss is restored up to 67% in the Peugeot CEC F98-08 DW-10 test with the keep clean level of injector cleaner found in RV Premium Diesel. It also passes the ASTM D2068 Filter Blocking Test.